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It was supposed to be a drabble. --"

Title : Arashi's new movie
Pairings: Ohmiya, Sakumoto
Raiting: Pretty safe. Let's say PG-13
Disclaimer: Johnny owns the boys. katmillia and astrangerenters own the idea of putting Arashi into a Japan infested by zombies (weird idea that turned out to be magnificent when written by them) I guess you could say I own the non-existent plot of this fanfic. *cries*
Summary: What would be Arashi's reaction learning they're gonna star in a horror movie...with zombies?
Warning: Some KAT-TUN bashing.

You need to read their fic "The Lost" to understand what I'm talking about. The idea, the scenario and the lines in red in this story are all from them.


It was still very early in the morning when Jun got the phone call. Growing faintly from under his pillow, he blindly reached for his phone on his bedside table, managing to only knock a few rings and his alarm clock in the process.

“............................ gnuh?”

The excited voice of his boss rang really loudly in his ears.

“Get your ass over here as fast as you can. Got the best project for you in YEARS! Already called the others. HURRY!”

Jun frowned as his manager ended the call. While it wasn’t particularly surprising to receive calls from his manager, it was a bit unusual to get woken up for a possible project that couldn’t wait to be discussed at the next meeting. And he had mentioned the others, hadn’t he? It had to be something really interesting. He got up quickly and started rummaging around for clothes.

A few minutes later, he was ready to leave. He grabbed his keys, made sure his phone was in his back pocket and headed for the door, without forgetting to make a stop in front of his mirror. (Gorgeous, as usual) He smiled to himself and closed the door behind him.

As he was walking to his car in the parking lot, a thought crossed his mind.

Maybe it’s a movie. Oh, a movie would be great. We haven’t done one in a while!  Something about friendship would be cool, I like movies about friendship. With lots of manly hugs. Maybe I’ll get to hug Sho...

He shook his head. Blushing under his cap, he got into his car and started the engine, trying to make the stupid fantasies that kept crossing his mind disappear.


20 minutes later, he arrived in front of his manager’s office. He didn’t even have time to knock before the door opened and his manager appeared in front of him. Jun took a step back. His manager was smiling madly, and the strange sparkle in his eyes sent shivers up his spine.

“Finally you’re here! What took so long for God’s sake!?!”

And before Jun could answer, he was pulled into the office and practically thrown into one of the chairs, next to his four bandmates. Still feeling dizzy from the lack of sleep his very short night had left him with, he looked at the other members, hoping one of them would have a clue to what the hell was going on. Sadly, one look at them was enough to convince him they would be of absolutely no help.

Sitting just next to him was Aiba, who was practically bouncing on his chair and who, as soon as he noticed Jun was staring at him, started waving madly and gave him a grin so bright and white Jun had to look away in fear of losing his sight. Next to him was Nino, seemingly calm, but whose dishevelled hair and dangerous look in his eyes as he pressed the buttons of his DS with more force than necessary showed Jun that he was far from happy at being woken up so early. Who could blame him? On their day OFF!

To Nino’s left was Ohno, looking all attentive and interested as he stared at their manager’s desk. But Jun knew better. He suspected that their leader was just sleeping with his eyes open. Again.

And next to him, and Jun tried to stop his stupid heart that had started beating faster of its own accord, was Sho, with a cup of coffee in each hand, still managing to look terribly hot, despite his puffy cheeks and mouth hanging open. He blinked a few times and finally looked at Jun, seeming to wake up a little and giving him a little smile. Jun’s heart skipped a few beats.

“Alright guys!”

Jun snapped out of his thoughts and looked at his manager, who was back behind his desk and was holding a big pile of papers. Scripts?

“I bet you can’t wait to hear about your super new super awesome super project right!? RIGHT?!! ”

“No.” Nino mumbled.

“Hell YEAH!”, yelled Aiba, “Does it include animals?! TELL ME THERE’S A PANDA IN IT!!!”

“Well, there might be Aiba. But then it would be a really dead panda indeed.”

Aiba stopped bouncing and looked at their manager, his eyes wide and watery. Jun only had time to cover his ears.


Next to him, Nino hissed and looked very much like he was considering slamming his precious DS on Aiba’s head. Their manager was still smiling and looked like he was enjoying himself a lot.

“I didn’t say we’d kill a panda, Aiba. I’m just saying, maybe we’ll need couple of animals. But...well, they’ll have to be dead.”

“........................................... SO YOU WANT TO KILL SEVERAL PANDAS!?!?!?”


“Nino, don’t.”, firmly said Sho, “And Aiba, calm down. Give him a chance to explain before concluding he wants to slaughter pandas.”

“He’s right.”, Jun added as Aiba hiccupped a few more times, “I’m sure it’s all a misunderstanding Masaki. No one here wants to hurt pandas. We love pandas.”

Aiba looked at him with hopeful eyes.

“They’re really cute, ne?”

“Really cute Masaki, really cute.”

He patted Aiba’s arm as the older man slowly regained his calm and focused one more time on their manager...who was still smiling.

Has to be one hell of a project.” Jun thought.

“So! If everyone is listening...”


Jun turned his head towards Nino, who was looking at their leader suspiciously. The latter hadn’t said anything and was still looking at the desk. Nino poked his cheek a few times and, when no reaction followed, it was clear to everyone that Ohno had again fallen asleep with his eyes open.

“Oi! Earth calls Oh-chan!”, shouted Nino as he smacked the back of Ohno’s head, “If I have to be here, then so do you. Suffer with me!”

Ohno blinked twice and finally focused on his face. Nino was still frowning, but then Ohno gave him a little smile and his tensed body relaxed considerably. Jun rolled his eyes. No matter how much Nino would try, everyone knew that he couldn’t stay angry at Ohno for more than two mere seconds.

“So. Now that everyone is listening, let me tell you about your new project.”

The five members looked at their manager.

“You five are all gonna star in...A HORROR MOVIE!!”

“What?”, said Sho.

“Oh, I love horror movies!”, exclaimed Aiba.

“Me too.”, said Ohno with a lazy smile.

Nino frowned.

“Why? You never get scared.”

“They’re funny.”

Jun chuckled. Riida was adorable.

“You’re weird.”, said Nino with a smile. “But I love you.” Everyone could hear the unspoken thought like if it had been said.

“No but seriously.” Sho looked very uncertain. “A horror movie, honestly? I’ve never heard of any Johnnys doing anything like that.”

“He’s right.”, agreed Jun and mentally slapped himself. “Stop sucking up to him, God!   

“I mean, we’re Idols. We need to look cool. It’s already on the borderline when we have to cry on shows and I have to worry about my nose running, but I’ve never heard of any Idols looking good while getting stabbed or getting their throat sliced open.”

Aiba giggled.

“I bet you would still find a way to look cool Matsujun! You always do! Ne Nino?!”

“Suuure.”, said Nino while rolling his eyes, “He wouldn’t need to get stabbed though. Make the psycho shave his head in his sleep and you’ll have a dead Matsujun in no time.”

He smirked as Jun glared at him. Before he could tell the little brat to choke on his own venom, he was interrupted by their manager.

“Oh but there won’t be a psycho.”

They all looked at him, curiosity in their eyes.

“So, it’s not a Texas Chainsaw Massacre type of movie?”, asked Sho, looking hopeful.


“Something with sharks?”, asked Ohno with (finally) some interest.


“Please don’t tell me it’s about vampires.”, whined Nino, “ Vampires have been waaayyy overused recently. ”


“Oh I know! I KNOW! ”, shouted Aiba, dancing on his chair.

Jun winced.

“God! Aiba! We’re just next to you! Stop shouting!”

“Sorry Jun-pon”, said Aiba, not looking sorry at all, “but I’ve got it! It’s about ghosts!”

“Nope.” Their manager’s smile was now so wide Jun thought he would eventually break his jaw.


“ ... ”


“ ... ”


“Well, we don’t know! Tell us!”, said Nino, growing impatient.

“It’s...............a ZOMBIE MOVIE!!!”


“ ... ”


“ ... ”

Their manager stood there, arms extended, the enthusiastic reaction he had expected not coming.

Finally, after a long pause...

“Well.”, said Jun as he rose to his feet, “Was nice working with you guys.”

“Yep.”, said Nino, already standing up, “But it had to come to an end right?! Always thought Johnny was a bit crazy but this...”, he sighed, “I’m out. Come on Satoshi, we’re going home.”

And he pulled Ohno to his feet, already heading for the door while Jun was waiting for Aiba and Sho to get out of their too-shocked-for-words state.

“Wait, what?! Wait, no...NO! ”

Slightly panicking, their manager rushed to block Nino and Ohno’s way, standing in front of the door to stop them from leaving.

“Wait guys! You need to listen, this is REALLY good.”

“Manager-san,”, said Nino, looking intransigent, “Zombies are the worst monsters EVER. They’re dumb, atrociously ugly and all they do is moan and eat people. We’ll lose all credibility if we do that.”

“But you’re not...”

“And there’s NO WAY I’m crawling out of the earth, looking like a garbage bin and pretending I’m craving some freshly squeezed brain juice.”, added Jun.

“You don’t have to...”

“Manager-san”, called Sho from across the room, “I don’t think I could do that. See, I got this thing where I dislike people burying me alive?”

“Oh my god Sho, I got that too!”, exclaimed Aiba, looking surprised. “Isn’t that weird!?!”

“Not really Aiba. Don’t know many living people who enjoy the calm and peace of a six-foot hole.”

“Yeah, this is definitely not...”

“Plus, we would have to...”

“Kazu, can we go home? I’d like to go fish...”


They stopped talking all at once, a bit surprised at their manager’s outburst. The poor man was standing in the middle of the room and looked a bit like he was going to cry.

“If you would just let me finish my sentences, you WOULD understand why I think you’ll all like this project! God, all the work I’m doing for you kids, and you’re always so ungrateful! Now sit down and listen.”

“But Manager-san!”, whined Nino, still at the door, “I don’t want to be a walking dead corpse.”

“You’re NOT the zombies, Ninomiya.”

“.....we’re not?”

“No. You get to kill the zombies. Like....in a video game.”

Touché”, thought Jun when he saw Nino’s expression change totally. In one sentence, their manager had succeeded in getting the gamer’s full attention. He slowly sat down as Nino dragged Ohno back into their chairs, now looking very interested.

“Let’s make things clear. If we’re gonna shoot zombies, I call the bazooka.”

“There will not be a bazooka Ninomiya.”, sighed their manager.

He went back to his desk and picked the big pile of papers, then proceeded in giving each one of them a heavy script.

“What? No bazooka? No really, we’re gonna need one. In Zombies Attack III, I tried to kill them with a submachine gun once, and I ended up making a big mess.”

“There won’t be a submachine gun Ninomiya.”, said their manager, massaging his temples to fight the growing migraine. “If you would just all have a quick look at the first few pages of the script, you’ll understand that you’re not really fighting zombies anyway.”

Frowning slightly, Nino finally imitated his four bandmates who were already going through the script, curiosity winning over. Sho was the first one to find a clue.

“Oh here, on page 32!”

They all went to the said page, Ohno mumbling something that sounded a lot like “What the hell...I was still on page 2.

“Something about...a debilitating disease?”

“Exactly!”, answered their manager, his smile returning.

He continued to talk while they kept reading.

“See, this story is not exactly about zombies. Well, not the traditional sort of zombies. The story starts with Matsumoto, who’s a university student. Jun, you’re the central character in this cause you didn’t do shit in Yellow Tears so...”

“That wasn’t my choice!”, protested Jun while Nino snickered. “And shut up, you Hollywood whore!”

“You’re just jealous, Jun-tan~!”


“AND! One day your quiet life gets disturbed by weird people who tell you to get your ass in a safety center cause there’s some weird infection outside and there you meet Sho and Aiba and you all slowly go insane till Ohno and Nino break in and you all leave together and try to survive in a world infested of dying people who act like... ”

“...zombies?”, helped Aiba.

“Well, yeah. I was trying to find something else but that’s it really. People are infected with this strange virus that firstly attacks their brains, especially their memory. After a while, they can’t remember where or who they are, and all they can feel is this infuriating rage at being lost and confused. That’s when they get violent.”

“So, basically”, started Sho, quickly grasping the concept, “it’s not really about the zombies is it? This virus is created by men right? So we could say it’s not truly about monsters eating flesh, but is rather an analogy demonstrating the recklessness of humans, always disregarding consequences and believing they’re indestructible, and their desperate desire to always surpass the laws of nature, which brings them to conduct perilous experiments that always produce the exact opposite of the expected results, thus resulting in total chaos. Right?

“....................................................emm, yes? Yes.”

Sho looked impressed.

“Nice. Who wrote that?”

Everyone was now looking at him except Nino, who still had his head buried in the script. Aiba had a little bit of drool hanging from the corner of his mouth and his eyes looked blurry.

Brain overheating”, thought Jun. Although they had all been together for more than ten years now, they still felt a bit destabilized every time Sho would go all encyclopaedia-mode on them. Nino had once jokingly said that he must have swallowed a dictionary when he was a child. They had all laughed. But doubts remained.

“Oh, the story is from a collaboration between two new authors. They wrote it and tried to get Johnny to read it. Obviously at first, no one was interested but they got a bit...stubborn. After a few scraps and one particularly nasty incident involving a stink bomb, he decided to give them a chance. As it is, we’re all glad he did cause this will sell a freakin LOT.”

Jun raised an eyebrow. Even though he was starting to find the whole thing interesting, he still couldn’t see what made their manager so sure that it would be a big hit. 

“Sweet!”, suddenly shouted Nino, “I get to hit people with a Wii controller. A Wii controller!! Awesome! And oh, oh! What’s that on page 46? I hit Sho on the nose! Ouhhh this is gonna be good!”

As he continued going through his script with a maniacal laugh, it seemed Ohno had finally found something he deemed of interest.

“Hey, my weapon’s a paddle! Does that mean there’s a scene at sea?”

They all rolled their eyes. Honestly.

“Oh, I think mine’s a golf club! Yayy!”, said an excited Aiba.

“Nice one!”, said Sho with a laugh, “Hey! I get the baseball bat! Yatta!”

“What’s mine? What’s mine?!”, asked Jun, getting enthusiastic.

“It’s...a tennis racket?”

Jun’s excitement fell. That was it?

“Don’t worry. We’ll protect you.”

Jun looked at their leader, who was staring at him very seriously.


“Oh! Ooohhhh!!”, giggled Aiba. “Guys, I think we read too fast at first and skipped a good part at the beginning. Go back to page one! Go back to page one!”

They all did what he said. Jun started reading, curious, and his eyes widened when a certain line caught his attention. Aiba just giggled louder.

“I am so wasted right now,” he heard against his earlobe, shivering at the feeling of moisture from the other man’s tongue.

Wohh.” He felt the tip of his ears getting hot.

Hearing Sho’s gasp on the other side of the room and Nino’s snicker, he concluded that they had all read the same scene. Which was a...sex scene. Very.Hot.Sex.Scene. Between...TWO GUYS!?!

What the hell?!

They all looked up at their manager impatiently.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Oh my my.”, he laughed with a angelic smile.

Yeah right.

“Since the yaoi fever is at its peak right now and showing no sign of going down, Johnny decided that it was time for his Idols to be a little bit more...daring.”

“About fucking time! Why didn’t he tell me?!”, complained Nino. He grinned. “I’ve got nooo problem at all with being more daring with Oh-chan in public.”

“We all know that Ninomiya. And you get some in the story.”


“But you’re not the main focus. See that scene at the beginning? Well it’s Sho who gets to play a really hot gay relationship.”

Jun’s body tensed. “What?!” 

“Argghh no!”, cried Sho, “You know that I hate to play those...”

“It’s with Jun.”

“...types of scenesbutitsmyjobandIwouldn’twanttodisappointpeoplesoitsokay.”

Surprised, Jun looked at him. Sho was looking at his script in his lap, his cheeks red. Jun couldn’t help the tingle of hope burning in his chest. “Could it be...

“Wait what?!”, exclaimed Nino, gesturing towards Jun and Sho, “You mean these two will have to eat each other’s face in front of the camera?!”

“Erm...well, yes.”

Nino and Aiba looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!”, managed Aiba between two fits of incontrollable giggles, “I can just picture their faces!! This is gonna be so awkward!”

“BOUAHAHAHAHAHA! I’d bet you anything they’re gonna end up bumping into each other’s nose and apologizing a hundred freakin times!”

Sho looked very much like he was going to die of embarrassment. 

“Sh-shut up Nino!”, he said, “What makes you so sure YOU wouldn’t feel weird about it?!”

Nino slowly regained seriousness, taking the time to wipe a few tears of laughter before answering. Next to him, Aiba had put his hand on his mouth to stop himself from laughing but his body was still shacking suspiciously.

“I’m not saying it wouldn’t feel weird to do it with a stranger.”, answered Nino. “But if I had the chance to kiss my crush on TV, I would definitely go for it. And take all I can.”

An uncomfortable silence followed his answer, only broken by the quiet whisper of a suddenly very awake and worried Ohno. (“You...you have a crush Nino?”) But everyone’s attention was now on Sho and Jun, both looking like they wanted to crawl under the floor.

Shit! Shit! Shit! Please God, tell me they don’t know!”, thought Jun.

 “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”, he mumbled, his ears red hot.

“Oh come on. You guys are SO obvious. Even Helen Keller would have seen it.”


“Nino, you have a crush on someone? Who is it? Nino?”

Jun didn’t know what to say. He had hoped no one would notice how his stupid teenage crush/uncontrollable flailing towards Sho had recently come back in full force to become something stronger and deeper. He risked a quick look in the young newscaster’s direction. Sho’s skin colour was now very similar to that of a ripe tomato and he was looking at the floor with some incredible concentration.

Fuck! He’s gonna think I’m still that annoying little kid who embarrassed him as hell when we were younger with all his adoration. It’s true though. I really didn’t change. Not my fault if he’s fucking perfect! Shit, he’ll never want to look at me again!


Luckily for him, their manager had seemed to finally decide the two poor men had suffered enough. (That or he just got bored of seeing them deny something ridiculously obvious.)

“Well anyway. Yes, Matsumoto and Sakurai will have to act as if they are desperately in love with each other. If this will be a hard task or if it’s gonna be easy (cause really they ARE in love with each other and we all know that but they don’t want us to tell) is not a question that needs to be solved now. Right now we just need to discuss the big things.”

“Yeah yeah. Whatever. So Oh-chan and I get some action yeah?”

“But Kazuuu, you didn’t answer me. You have a crush on someone! Who is it?!”, asked Ohno, looking terribly adorable with his big puppy eyes and his trembling pout.

“I said if, Satoshi. I don’t have a crush on anyone. I only have eyes for you.”, answered Nino with a big smile. He tilted his chair to his left to reassure Ohno physically as well. He lifted his left arm and passed it around their leader’s shoulders, using his thumb to brush softly the short hair at the top of his neck. He laid his right hand on Ohno’s knee and started massaging it, slowly getting higher and higher.  Ohno still looked unsure.



“...Pinky promise?”

“Pinky promise. You have my eternal love and adoration for your person, my dear Oh-chan.”

And he leaned his head towards Ohno to seal their lips in a slow kiss, mumbling something like “And for your ass.” Ohno then lifted his hand and grabbed possessively at Nino’s hair, bringing him closer and deepening the kiss. All you could hear after that were soft moans as Ohmiya became once again oblivious to the rest of the world.

“Right!”, said Aiba, “Now that they’re busy, it’s my turn to talk.” He looked at their manager, smiling eagerly.

“Who am I with?”


“Sakumoto and Ohmiya get to have some really hot on-screen action ne?! I want some too. Who am I with?”

“...erm well, you see Aiba...”

Their manager had the decency to look embarrassed.




“EeehhHHHH?!?”, cried Aiba as his eyes started filling with tears again, “Everyone’s paired up except me? WHY?!?”

“Well, it’s not our fault!”, quickly answered their manager, “It’s the two authors who...”


“N-no, it’s just...”


Jun then decided to step in, seeing that their manager was rapidly losing control over an Aiba that threatened once again to transform into a waterfall.

“Masaki, I’m sure the authors love you. It seemed they just thought Ohmiya and...S-Sho and I were more...compatible. But that doesn’t mean they want you to end up sad and miserable!”

“Yeah!”, added Sho, lifting his arm in the intention of patting his crying bandmate’s arm, but slowly letting it down as he realised he wouldn’t be able to reach him without disturbing Ohno and Nino in the middle who still had their mouths glued together. “And besides, who could you be with in the story? As I understand it, we’re pretty much the only survivors.”

“Well actually, there are other people.”

The three members turned towards their manager, Aiba with his nose running and chin still shaking slightly.

“That’s actually the next thing I wanted to discuss with you. Who you’ll be working with.”

He looked at Nino and Ohno, hesitating.

“But...that’d be nice to have everyone’s attention for that.”


“Hey guys, stop it. We’re still in the middle of a meeting.”, snapped Jun.


“OI!” He kicked Nino in the shin. Really hard.

“ITEE!”, yelled Nino, abandoning Ohno’s mouth (and face) to grab his poor maltreated leg. “That hurts, you DICK!”

“I warned you!”


“MATSUMOTO! NINOMIYA! Could we please, PLEASE continue?”

Still glaring at each other, Jun and Nino slowly mumbled their agreement and stopped arguing. (While of course promising to themselves to get back at the other later.)

“Now, about the cast and stuff. Of course, for the major part of the film, it’s just you five with several zombies. Random people that we’ll hire, don’t care much about them. Same thing with the other students in the safety center, they’re just extras anyway. But we might actually use the same bunch to play both roles, which would help us a lot since the make-up and costumes are gonna cost a shit load of money.”

They all nodded in agreement. It was easy to imagine the enormous amount of money Johnny would have to pour in this project.

Geez, they’re really confident about it.”, thought Jun, “This is gonna cost an arm and a leg. But then, it’s kind of obvious why. I’d like to see them try making some believable zombies with just eye-liner and a box of crayola crayons.

“But,”, continued their manager, “if you all go to page 89 of the script...”

They all did, similar thoughts crossing their minds. (How LONG is that thing?!)

“You will see that, after a long time, you finally get rescued by a man and a woman who escaped before you but were nice enough (or crazy enough) to come back and try to find other survivors.”

“It says Toma and Ai. As in, Ikuta Tom and Kato Ai?”, asked Sho.

“Yes.”, smiled their manager. “We’ve already talked to them and they have both agreed to do it.”

“That’s nice.”, happily said Ohno, “I’m really looking forward to work with Toma-chan again.”

Nino frowned slightly at him, but then shrugged his shoulders and decided to let it go. After all, he was looking forward to it as well. They all did really. The five members of Arashi were all very fond of their kouhai. But really,who wasn’t fond of Toma? The guy was adorable.

“So, wait...”, started Aiba, a new idea forming in his head, “Toma is gonna play with us...ne? Toma-chan?”

Their manager nodded. Aiba beamed.

“That’s perfect! He can be my boyfriend!”


“Yeah! I’m sure he won’t mind.”, he giggled, “We’ll make such a pretty couple, don’t you think?!”

“No, Aiba, you can’t be a couple.”

“Why not?!”

“Because here, look Masaki.”, said Sho, pointing at something on his script.

Jun looked as well and soon found why.

“It’s okay,” she told the man, her boyfriend Jun guessed from the intimate way they stood together.


“HAHA! Toma has to be straight!”, exclaimed Nino, laughing loudly.

Aiba was still looking at his script, really disappointed.

“So erm, yeah. Toma and Ai are a couple in the story. Sorry Aiba.”, said their manager.

There was a short pause where Aiba kept staring at his lap. After a few seconds, he lifted his head, determined.

“I don’t care. I’ll make him change.”


“Toma’s character. I’ll seduce him.”

They looked at him, bewildered.

“But...Masaki, Toma’s character is straight. You can’t make him fall in love with you.”

 The lanky man looked at Sho, his lips curling into an evil smirk.

“Oh we’ll see about that.”


“Erm...we’ll talk about it later. Now about the other actors. Basically, besides Toma and Ai, there are just two other characters who get speaking roles. Not screaming, really speaking. And, hum...”

The manager looked at the five members of Arashi, hesitant.

“Hum...well the authors have already decided who the two actors will be and... we want to respect their wish so...”

Jun was now convinced he would not like those two actors.

“They...they said they wanted...Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya.”

They all groaned in synchronisation.

Anyone but them, please.”, thought Jun. He was feeling a little bit like banging his head against the wall.

“But! They have very small parts. Jin will play Jun’s roommate at the beginning. He refuses to follow everyone to the safety center and that’s it. After that, we don’t know what happens to him.”

“Can we pretend he suffered a slow and painful death?”

“Erm, yes Ninomiya, I guess you can.”


“And about Kamenashi...well, go to page 67 to see what happens to him.”

Curious, all the members quickly did.

The canoe paddle made a sharp hiss as it sped through the air and then a crack when it hit the back of Kame's head.

They all loudly sniggered without shame. Yes, even Ohno and Sho.

“Oh man, Satoshi! Seems like you found the guy too annoying for your liking ne?!”, laughed Jun.

“Not that I don’t enjoy the idea of seeing Princess K getting beat up”, said Nino, “but why does Satoshi do that?”

“Oh, because in the story he’s infected and tried to lure you into a trap.”

“That sounds very much like him.”, mumbled Sho.

Aiba looked confused. “Have they already said yes for that thing? I don’t understand why they would want to play those roles.”

“Well, it’s still publicity. And, you know, they love publicity.” 

“What a nice understatement.”, said Jun, rolling his eyes. “So, in short, we’re stuck with two-sixth of the Slutty Gang, but they both die in atrocious conditions. Seems fair to me.”

They all nodded in agreement.

“Perfect!”, exclaimed their manager, eager to end the meeting. (Not that he wasn’t enjoying the drama and stupid little fights between Johnnys’ groups, but he had booked a spot at the nearest golf course at 10AM and they were going to give it to someone else if he didn’t show up soon)

“So, everyone agrees then? We can sign the contract?”

They still looked a bit undecided.

Their manager closed his eyes and sighed, praying for some patience.

“Look. Let’s sum things up yeah? Ninomiya gets a Wii Controler to hit zombies, get to say some of the brattiest lines ever written, gets to cling onto Ohno’s back during pretty much the whole movie and he survives the zombie attack. Ohno gets a paddle to hit Kamenashi’s head, gets to have a real leader attitude and to watch over the other four and he survives the attack and escapes. In a boat.”

“Oi, why didn’t you mention he has some hot scenes with me? He likes it too you know! Why does everyone think I’m forcing him?!”

“Aiba gets a golf club and does a pretty damn good job with it.”, continued their manager, ignoring Nino. “He might not be paired up, but he gets a really emotional scene when he discovers his family dead which will allow him to prove to the whole world that he can act. He also gets to survive the attack and escape. Jun gets a passionate relationship with Sho (and we all know it’s considered a positive factor), gets to be the central character, get to have pretty good fucked up scenes towards the end that will show the world he’s more than a pretty boy and he gets to survive the attack as well. Kind of.”

“What do you mean, "kind of"?”

“And finally, Sho gets a baseball bat, gets to have a hot relationship with Jun that will make fangirls squeak in glee, gets to have a really heroic attitude towards the end that, let’s be honest, will probably be a first, and he gets to survive. Kind of.”

“Could you define that "kind of"?”

“Later. Plus, let’s not forget this movie will also bash two members of Kat-tun. So, your answer?”

They all looked at each other. It was true that, all in all, that movie had a lot of positive points. Especially the one that their manager had not mentioned but, in the end, was probably the most important. They would do this movie together, all five of them. As Arashi.

Jun looked at Sho, who was staring at him like he was waiting for something. Jun smiled timidely.

“Let’s – Let’s do it ne?”

Sho smiled in return, his ears turning a lovely shade of pink.

“Yeah. Let’s do it.”

“ALRIGHT!”, exclaimed Aiba, all smile and bouncing on his chair again, “Yosh! New project OK! When do we start shooting!?”

“I’ll contact you soon about that.”, answered their manager. He looked relieved. “For now, let’s just sign the contract and after that you can leave and enjoy the rest of your day off.”

Jun, Sho and Aiba got up and signed the paper. They were ready to leave but...

“Wait!” Nino was looking at their manager, his eyes shooting daggers. He pointed at something on the script.

“You said there would be no guns. So how come Toma HAS A GUN?!”

Jun groaned. Their manager’s good mood vanished instantly. He glared at his watch, looking desperate. (He wasn’t going to make it in time for his golf practice.)

“Ninomiya, could we discuss...”

“No. We’ll discuss this NOW.” Nino folded his arms. He had the face of some devilish little kid who had just been refused his favourite toy.

“Shut up Nino! It can wait. Can’t you see you’re ruining everyone’s day?!” Jun’s patience has reached its limit.

“I don’t care. Toma has a gun and I don’t. It’s unfair. And we will all stay and discuss this matter until its settled like I want it to be!”

Their manager started weeping internally. If the brat had decided that the meeting was not over, he didn’t see how they could...

“Kazu~...”, suddenly purred Ohno. He was apparently reading the first scene again, with more attention this time. His eyes had an intense focus that was very rare coming from him and his left hand had started doing strange little movements on his stomach.

Jun’s eyes widened. “Is he touching himself?!

“Kazu, this scene is making me kind of hot.”, whispered Ohno, (unfortunately for the others) loudly enough for everyone to hear.

They all turned towards Nino, waiting for his reaction. The latter’s body had stiffened, his eyes wide and mouth gaping open. He looked at his lover, who wriggled his eyebrows suggestively. Nino gulped audibly.

With incredible speed, he stole the pen from Aiba’s hand and scribbled both his and Ohno’s name on the contract, then grabbed his lover’s arm and made a dash for the door.

Sho, Jun, Aiba and their manager stood still for a few seconds, a bit shocked at what had just happened.

“Well.” Sho cleared his throat. “That was...disturbing.”

“Yeah. Gave me some pretty disgusting mental images.” Jun shook his head, trying to erase a naked Nino from his mind.

A few minutes after, the three of them had said goodbye to their manager who clearly couldn’t wait to throw them out of his office and were walking in the building towards the elevator. Jun was walking a bit behind the other two and was listening to Aiba explaining enthusiastically to Sho his fantastic plan to make Toma’s character fall in love with him.

As much as he had been convinced at the beginning that this project would be a total flop, Jun had to admit that his opinion had changed drastically and that he was actually looking forward to the filming now. It would be a good occasion to show his acting skills and he was always happy when the five members of Arashi got to do a project together.

At that moment, Sho turned around and looked at him. Jun’s heart started beating faster. When Sho smiled at him, he couldn’t help but smile back.

And who knows”, he thought, “Maybe this will lead to something else.




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